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TWI Thailand helps you save time by doing online NDT courses

Mon, 26 April, 2021

Like so many other businesses, TWI Southeast Asia had to adapt to the consequences of the pandemic in 2020 in order to cope with the imposed restrictions and continue providing essential training and certification to critical infrastructure workers, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the qualifications.

TWI Thailand was one of the branches that underwent major changes during this period. From closure of the underwater inspection department to change at management level, TWI Thailand is now set to bring CSWIP certification to the nation with a new approach.

Although distance learning and online training are not new concepts, in the past year they were implemented in TWI’s delivery method on a large scale. So far, several students have taken the online live training and the response has been extremely positive.

In 2021, TWI Thailand will deliver the conventional NDT methods of magnetic testing (MT), penetrant testing (PT) and radiographic testing (RI) in a blended format whereby the theoretical section of the course will be delivered fully online via Zoom and candidates can participate in the class from the comfort of their home. There is a practical element to the course, which is delivered in-house at the TWI facilities in Chonburi. Candidates will need to attend the practical class, which will be followed by an examination to complete their qualification.

How does it work?
The magnetic particles testing and penetrant testing courses each consist of 3 days of theoretical training. There will be 2 sessions of face-to-face practical training for each method, which should be completed prior to examination. This will shorten the candidate’s classroom attendance by 3 days.

The radiographic interpretation course is delivered online via Zoom over 4 days and the practical element will be delivered over 3 days in-house.  Candidates will minimise their classroom attendance by 4 days using this method.

What is the advantage of the online learning?
The online learning method removes the location restrictions for many candidates who have limitations in travelling. Now anyone from any part of the country, even the most remote locations, can access the high quality training that can lead to a globally recognised certificate by just having a steady Internet connection.

Another advantage is the time saved by taking the training in the online mode. Instead of taking days off from work to travel and attend the training, now candidates can reduce their classroom attendance by up to 60%.

Besides the ‘Online Live’ method, the NDT methods of MT and PT are available in an eLearning format. To learn more about the various learning methods offered by TWI, visit our website ( or get in contact with us at

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