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The New Plant Inspector eLearning Course

Fri, 21 May, 2021

TWI recently launched a new eLearning course, which replaces the old Plant Inspector programme. Under the eLearning course, candidates get to to complete the Plant Inspector training on TWI Virtual Academy from the comfort of their home or even on site and then book a slot for examination at one of our exam centres across the region. Success in the examination will lead to the CSWIP Plant Inspector certification. Candidates in South East Asia can register on this course through the HQ Malaysia office only. Get in touch with us for inquiries and to book your seat at

What is the significant difference between the new course and the old one?

The new plant inspector course is fully eLearning based, which means candidates can study at their own time and pace and appear at the training centre only to sit the examination. The new Plant Inspector course combines the three major modules of the old level two course into its content; pressure vessel inspection, piping inspection and aboveground tank inspection, in addition it covers topics like Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) as well as Welding and Damage Mechanisms. As a CSWIP Plant Inspector, the candidate is an all-rounder who knows about every major aspect of plants and facilities.

Previously, the old CSWIP Plant Inspector course came in three levels and candidates needed to attend a few weeks of in-house training in order to complete the training and sit the examination. The new Plant Inspector course is comparable with the previous Level 2 and the Senior Plant Inspector is comparable with level 3. This is a new way to get a meaningful and valuable certification, much more cost effective, time saving and accessible to all locations.

This course is aimed at individuals who already have some experience in the industry (for example as NDT technician or welding inspector) and appropriate education (must be proficient in English language). The exact requirements are listed in the scheme document but if you submit your CV our program manager will be happy to assess it for your eligibility.

Examinations are designed to test the candidate’s grasp of the wide subject matter of inspection of aging assets and his/her understanding of the technical and procedural aspects of the Plant Inspectors role. The examination procedure involves a combination of closed book and open-book questions at Plant Inspector level consisting of two papers:

  • 100 multiple choice questions (closed book)
  • 25 multiple choice questions (open book)

Is there a Senior course available?

The team is currently working on development of the Senior Plant Inspector course, which will also be fully available on an eLearning basis. The Senior Plant Inspector course will combine in-depth knowledge of Damage Mechanism Assessment, Fitness-for-Service (FFS) Assessment, Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Weld Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping. Progression to this level requires success in the CSWIP Plant Inspector examination. This certificate is comparable to the previous level 3 Plant Inspector and enables the candidate to fulfil a role complementary and supportive to the engineer, within their field of competence. Senior Plant Inspectors are technical authorities, able to give technical supervision and aid in decision making and for all aspects of the CSWIP Plant Inspector role.

Learn more about the Plant Inspector training course here.

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