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Online Live Classes Gaining Popularity in Vietnam

Fri, 07 May, 2021

Candidates in Vietnam faced disruption in training and examinations in 2020 as the pandemic started and an international travel ban restricted TWI lecturers and invigilators from delivering face-to-face courses and examinations in Vietnam.

Tien Phong Limited Company has been TWI’s authorised training representative in Vietnam for more than a decade. Over the years, TWI has delivered the most popular training courses of Welding Inspector, Painting and Coating Inspector as well as various methods of conventional and advanced NDT in Vietnam through Tien Phong, and many Vietnamese candidates have benefitted from this collaboration.

As TWI online live classes have gained popularity and the introduction of remote invigilation made examination in all countries under the SEA region possible, the training courses are now regularly being offered in Vietnam.

So far, two rounds of CSWIP Welding Inspector course and a class of Painting Inspector have successfully been conducted via Zoom and candidates have taken their examination following the completion of the course.

Nguyen Xuan Nam, who attended the CSWIP Welding Inspector course on 19-25th of April 2021, says:

“During the course, the teacher delivered the course very well and explained the lessons the best way for us to understand. He supplied us with several question and answers which helped us to fully understand the course and prepare for the examination.”

Besides the online live classes, which are delivered via Zoom, candidates also have the option of taking the CSWIP Welding Inspector and CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector on an eLearning format via the TWI Virtual Academy and attend the practical session followed by examination coordinated by the HQ office in Malaysia.

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