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On the course for success - Shaktivell A/L M. Letchumanan

Mon, 27 September, 2021

My name is Shaktivell A/L M. Letchumanan and I am from Melaka. I am doing my master’s degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering at University Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia.

I found my interest in NDT when I was studying for my bachelor’s degree and now that I am doing my Master’s degree, I am researching an NDT topic. To gain more insight, research input, and hands-on experience, I decided to enroll in Penetrant Testing programme. This way, by the time I deliver my research, I will have proof of competency in my research topic as well.

Another one of my motivations for taking PT course was to develop my qualifications in the conventional NDT field as this could be a good starting point to get myself familiar with the market. I know that the industry uses cost-effective and efficient inspection methods and knowing the fundamental skills like MT and PT are the basics that anyone who aspires to work in this line should hold. Taking this course has helped me with my research as I found that the PT technique is not only applicable to metals but composites as well.

The training method at TWI is that you would firstly strengthen your theoretical understanding of the course and then you move on to the practical element.

In the lab, we are taught how to make the removable solvent method and different types of fluorescence and color contrast methods which are all applicable to on-site work.

Students get to get their hands on the specimen and equipment to practice the procedures they have learned during the theoretical sessions. This method helps us to gain experience, relate the theories to practical knowledge, and be able to get a deep understanding of the standard operating procedures that are needed to be followed.

I am passionate about further developing my skills in NDT and am planning to continue my studies in Magnetic Particles Testing and Ultrasonic Interpretation after completing my PT course. I believe these three are the essential NDT techniques that I must become competent at and get certified in so that I can enter the industry and gain real-world experience.

To be successful in any field, you should have hands-on experience. In the engineering field, holding globally recognised certificates from the organisations such as TWI can be an added advantage to as it can put you ahead of the competition. I understand that CSWIP is internationally recognised, so when I want to apply for projects abroad, I would have higher chance of landing a job. In my opinion, all engineers or technologists must have some additional internationally recognised certification as every year there are hundreds of graduates getting a diploma or master’s degree and to differentiate your skills from others, you need to gain extra qualifications.

In the end, I would like to thank Universiti Malaysia Pahang for organizing this programme in collaboration with TWI which gave the opportunity to students like me to participate and improve our skills. I also want to thank TWI for providing these courses and looking after the welfare of the students while we were here for a week. I would also like to thank all parties involved in the success of this program.

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