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Nurul Hasni sets an example for women in inspection

Mon, 22 November, 2021

My name is Nurul Hasni bt Md Noor and I work as a QC Executive. I come from Kedah and now I am at TWI Malaysia to attend the CSWIP Welding Inspector course.

Over the past five days that I have attended the course, I have learned many things from this programme. The course covers everything involved in the process from the basics of welding up until the inspection of the welded joints. All concepts are thought by the lecturers in details and we have learned the entire procedure flow from the pre-welding, welding to the final acceptance stage. The aim is to produce a good quality product and by taking this training, we have learned how to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality.

I decided to join this programme because of my job. My career is involved with welding and I am responsible for qualifying the procedures. To deliver my tasks perfectly, I have to know the full lifecycle, from the correct selection of the welding process, the choice of electrodes and what material should we use up until evaluating the quality of the final product. We need to know which WPS we should follow for the product to meet and be accepted by the standards of the industry.

Initially, I got to know about this sponsorship programme through social media because I have joined many groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. I knew there are sponsorship programmed available for CSWIP certification courses and I had seen advertisements from one group to another. So I decided to register! I submitted all the documents that were requested including my resume and all information that was required. After submission of my documents, TWI filtered the applicants and since I was selected, they contacted me to do an interview. Before the interview, there was some written assessment to know our level of knowledge. So after the interview, I was happy to learn that I was eligible to join this course under sponsorship.

My experience of being a woman in a career that is mostly done by men so far has been very good. I haven’t faced any problems as long as I know I can carry out my tasks and can deliver what is assigned to me. I can always ask for assistance from my male colleagues and they are always very willing to help and teach. So for me, there has been no problem as long as I have been able to build good relationships with my colleagues. So, as a woman, I do want to encourage other women to consider a career path in the engineering line as I don’t think their gender would be a problem for them if not be an advantage.

About my time at TWI Malaysia I can say that the facilities are very good. All that we need for a great training experience is available and the lecturers are very helpful and approachable. Meaning, if we do not know a topic or need further explanation we can easily ask them for assistance and they are happy to explain until we understand the topic clearly. For me, the lecturers are the best that we can get.

I would like to tell the people out there who are interested to join this program but do not know where to find the opportunities, I suggest them to follow the social media pages that are related to their field of expertise. They can get a lot of information such as sponsorships, deadlines, how to apply, and what is suitable for them from these resources. What you learn may not necessarily be 100% applicable to your job, but it is additional knowledge that can benefit us in our careers. It is always best to know more than what you need in your field.

Lastly, I want to say a million thanks to our sponsors Nitkertz, Yayasan Peneraju, and TWI as well as to all lecturers and staff who helped us during the program. Thank you so much!

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