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Natta Kitcharoen passionate to become a Specialist Inspector

Tue, 21 September, 2021

Graduated from King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok in industrial engineering, Natta has over 13 years of working experience in maintenance and project engineering. However, he felt that project engineering is not his passion and that he is more intrigued to pursue a career in the inspection line. Currently, he works as an Inspection and Reliability Engineer for Bangkok Synthetics.

Natta was introduced to the world of welding inspection through his father who was also a welding inspector. Ever since he was a college student, Natta wanted to become a successful and knowledgeable inspector who can share his knowledge and experience to support his peers or junior staff and most importantly, contribute to the growth of his team.

When he started learning to weld, he knew that it would lead him to a good career path in the future. He was introduced to the basics of welding in the vocational school and as he got a deeper appreciation of the subject as he studied in the university.

He studied a combination of theoretical and practical principles and gained skills and expertise in gas metal cutting and applying different types of welding to metals properly. His studies made him realize that the welding world is much more versatile and complicated than the real inspection job. Inspectors need to learn about international standards and procedures in every step of welding and every step of the inspection and must operate in accordance with the established standards.

He could understand that many of the problems he used to face in his previous jobs were due to the welder’s lack of knowledge and not adhering to the accepted standards. At the time when Natta didn’t have enough experience, he had to rely on the welder’s experience and skills, and acceptance or rejection of the project following inspection reports was always dependent on the welding quality. On a recent project that Natta was in charge of, the poor workmanship of welders resulted in a huge crack on the wall of an alloy furnace. The damage was massive and the consequences for Natta’s team were heavy.

That experience helped Natta learn that following processes per the globally recognized standards is very important as it can prevent catastrophic failures and save time and cost for both the client and the contractors.



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