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Thada Ender: Building a Career through TWI Qualifications

Wed, 28 April, 2021

Working for the family business at Otto Ender Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (OE Steel), Thada spent his teenage years in Austria, where he attended vocational college to learn welding. While he was in Austria, he had the opportunity to work for four years gaining hands-on experience in ropeway welding and assembly.

Now he works as the production manager at OE Steel and is responsible for running the production line in the five factories which are all located at central Thailand, Pathum Thani province. The nature of the OE Steel business is manufacturing of towers, ski lift chairs, cross-arms, walkways, lift frames and handrails. The manufacturing process of all these products involves welding technology and that is why Thada has decided to upgrade his knowledge of welding by attending some qualification training courses at TWI.

Thada trusts in TWI’s training programmes and thinks that the course will help him to improve his welding inspection technique. He believes taking the CSWIP Welding Inspector course is his first step to gaining in-depth knowledge of welding inspection and that these small important steps will lead to his success in the future. Thada is developing his skills not only for his family's business but also to develop his career path. He is ambitious to become a welding engineer through the IIW Diploma programme.

Thada explains that CSWIP Welding Inspector is his first international qualification and that he has gained a lot of knowledge in welding, which is exactly what he expected. He found the course to be one of the best training courses to begin his career development with, as it was rather simple for him and the class was a perfect venue to connect with his peers who came from different backgrounds and fields related to welding.

“As an entrepreneur, I think that training courses on Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as Visual Inspection, Magnetic Particle Testing and Penetrant Testing are very helpful. Having the skillset in the practical aspect as well as the theoretical element, paired with holding an internationally recognised certificate such as CSWIP can boost the confidence level of my customers in my services.

I also learned that CSWIP Welding Inspector can be upgraded to higher level qualifications such as IWS (International Welding Specialist), IWT (International Welding technologist), and IWE (International Welding Engineer),which is my ultimate goal to achieve,” Thada said.

Thada is really impressed and pleased by the training at TWI Thailand. He mentioned that the lecturer, Mr. Satanphop, delivered the course clearly and in an easy to understand manner, and that he recommends TWI Training Thailand to others because it provides a good basis for furthering your career as well as improving the knowledge and skills of participants from many lines of work.

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