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Upskilling for a Boost in Career and Self-Confidence

Mon, 21 September, 2020

Candra Retnaning Ayu, who works at PT Saipem Indonesia, started her career as a QC administrator. Coming from a business studies background, she landed a job in an engineering field but didn’t let her educational background stop her from pursuing a career in a different sector.

Working as a QC administrator, her job involves monitoring and controlling the quality control and welding inspection result data. However, since she didn’t have an engineering background, she wasn’t confident in performing her tasks. This was until one of her friends introduced her to the SEASEP initiative and told her that she can attend the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector course, which is fully funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and gain the necessary knowledge that can help with her job.

She was pleasantly surprised by how the lecturer delivered the course patiently in an easy to grasp manner that someone like her, without an engineering background, could easily understand in order to learn the material being delivered.

Candra believes that, after taking the training with TWI, not only she feels more confident in herself, but also her team at work, and clients have gained a higher respect and trust in her work. She suggests that all those who are contemplating whether they need to attend a training course should go ahead without hesitation, because they not only gain knowledge and get certified, but also gain the respect of their peers and build stronger self-confidence.

Candra highlights that, “Being the only female in my entire team, I can see that there are not many women in engineering field and the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. I believe that more women should enter this field as it gives them more opportunities to grow their careers.”

She is very grateful for the SEASEP programme as it has been really helpful for her in being able to afford to attend the training that has upskilled her and she hopes that the initiative will continue to sponsor more girls like her to pursue their dream jobs.

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