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SUK Selangor IKTISASS Programme Graduation Ceremony

Thu, 03 September, 2020

TWI Malaysia has been collaborating with the State Secretory of Selangor (SUK) to enhance the skills of the youth in Selangor state through the Smart Selangor Technical and Professional Skills initiative (IKTISASS).

On Tuesday 1 September 2020, the graduation ceremony of students sponsored by the State Secretory of Selangor under the IKTISASS programme took place at TWI premises in Malaysia. The event, which started at 10 am hosted the Selangor State Chief Minister, Chairman Of The Steering Committee Of The Youth, Sports And Human Capital Development, Deputy Secretary Of Selangor State Development, members of the Selangor State Assembly, Heads Of Departments and Agencies and Industry Representatives.

Ernesto Moskini, the regional manager of TWI Malaysia welcomed the guests and, in his speech, highlighted the contribution of TWI to training and upskilling of the Malaysian youth over the years and the commitment to supporting the development of the national skillful workforce, who can make the country independent from the foreign workers, while building a brighter future for themselves by acquiring skills that can land them on high income jobs with prospects for growth.

The Chief Minister of Selangor mentioned in his speech how in the past technical and vocational training in Malaysia has been seen as a “second chance” programme for students who were non-academically inclined, school dropouts or have not completed their academic years. This was while, in the developed countries, technical training and academic training was balanced, meaning that companies invest in technical universities and schools as industries and companies require both of them for job advancement.

The Chief Minister stated that he is so happy that SUK can now work together with TWI Services Sdn Bhd, which is one of the best welding institutes in Malaysia, to completely change the technical training and professional careers in Selangor state. He then congratulated and wished all the best to the graduates and hoped for a long lasting collaboration between the state’s government and TWI to contribute to the development of Selangor.

The graduates then received their certificates of completion of training and the event was wrapped up by a tour of TWI Malaysia’s facilities and briefing of the range of training courses delivered.

Since 2018, creation of new income streams and empowerment of the people of Selangor state has been top of SUK’s budgeting priority list. Knowing that having competitive and high quality human capital is vital to the development of the state, the Selangor Smart Technical and Professional Skills Initiative (IKTISASS) was established. The programme, with an allocation of RM52 million, has been successful in its mission to support the younger generation in gaining qualifications and marketable skills crucial in building careers with high income potential and a brighter future. IKTISASS provides a platform for young people to get skills training in accordance with current technological developments from around the world.

TWI Malaysia has trained 55 students funded by IKTISASS as part of programmes including ‘Zero to Hero,’ ‘Upskilling’ and ‘NDT,’ and will continue its efforts to build a skillful workforce in Malaysia who can participate in the advancement of the country’s industry.

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