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Muhammad Aizuddin learning about Welding at TWI

Fri, 11 December, 2020

Chemical engineer Muhammad Aizuddin Bin Hambali found out that, in order to deliver his job properly, he needs a basic knowledge of welding procedures. You can read his story here:

My Name is Aizuddin from Bumi Focus (M) Sdn Bhd and I’ve been working as a project engineer on LPG and NG gas piping projects for the past two years, following my graduation from University Malaya.

I studied chemical engineering in university, therefore, I didn’t have enough knowledge of welding. However, in my current job as a project engineer, I do design work of the gas piping and need to supervise the team of welders as they deliver the construction of the pipeline.

I decided to take the basic welding processes and quality course in order to improve my knowledge of welding. This training has helped me learn the proper welding procedures, welding types and defects as well as the proper documentation such as WPS and WQT.

This knowledge helps me to double-check the work of my team of welders and ensure that they are following the correct welding procedures and their work is not defective. I supervise their performance both directly while I carry out site visits as well as based on the reports and photos that they submit to me.

The reason for carrying out the supervision and reporting is to minimise mistakes. I work with gas pipeline which is a sensitive component with a high risk of explosion. The consequence of any mistake can be catastrophic and, by monitoring the welding procedures, I can prevent any gas leakage and improve the safety and integrity of the project.

Currently, I am working on an AEON BiG pipeline project in a shopping mall as well as on the Ajinomoto factory at Selayang. The scale of our work is smaller than those that work on offshore platforms, however, it doesn’t mean that the importance of our job is any less as we are responsible for people and environmental safety.

I got to learn about TWI and its training courses through one of the contractors who works with me. I then checked TWI’s website and found this course to be suitable for my needs.

Since I didn’t have a background in welding I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the friendly lecturer made it very easy to understand and learn the concepts. I would recommend other people who are in the same position as me to attend these training courses as they can definitely improve your knowledge and expertise on specific topics which are being covered in the course.

Nowadays, having a university degree may not be enough to secure a thriving career in the engineering field, especially if one would like to explore the international arenas. Holding a globally recognised diploma in welding engineering can drastically enhance one’s employability. It can facilitate the path to landing a job as a welding coordinator, welding technician, quality assurance coordinator or welding supervisor. The IIW diplomas delivered by TWI are widely accepted by employers and indicate a high level of knowledge and expertise for the certificate holder.

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