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Closing the Knowledge Gap by Gaining the Right Qualification

Mon, 21 September, 2020

Vivien Diawani, who works as a supplier development engineer at PT Caterpillar Indonesia, attended the CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector course under the SEASEP initiative in Indonesia funded by the Lloyd's Register Foundation.

She explains that her role requires her to focus on understanding the fabrication processes of her suppliers, identifying their problems and finding suitable solutions to manage and resolve the suppliers’ issues.

Coming from a painting engineering background, Vivien found herself involved in the fabrication line, which is not directly relevant to her studies. She recognised the knowledge gap when she learnt that a major part of her job is involved with visual inspection of the fabrication and that inspired her to look for training courses that could supplement her knowledge. She came across TWI’s Visual Welding Inspector course and proposed to her manager to support her with taking the training.

Vivien believes that, by taking this course, she has learnt a lot about fabrication and what can be considered as an acceptable or rejected weld. She mentions that, “I took CSWIP 3.0 as introduction to my welding inspection knowledge and, since I’ve found this training very beneficial to my career, I am planning to continue to higher level courses to completely achieve my goal.”

As someone who lives in Batam and works in the fabrication industry, Vivien believes that the SEASEP programme is really helpful as it helps young people like her to benefit from the funded training courses to develop their skills and take a step forward in their career progression.

Having experienced lecturers who can translate and explain the concepts in the local language is a huge plus as it helps the junior professionals like her to grasp the information better. She would highly recommend other beginners to reach out to SEASEP – TWI Indonesia and to participate in a training course funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation to develop their career.

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