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Webinar - Plastic Welding

Topic:  Plastic Welding

When: Thursday, 14 July 2022 at 3-4 pm Malaysia local time

Plastics welding applications are used in various industries including fabrication of pipelines and welding of films and fabrics to assembly of mass produced domestic appliances and intricate welding of medical devices. Different methods can be used as well, ranging from ultrasonic or hot gas welding to cutting edge techniques which utilise laser or infrared energy.In this webinar an introduction to various plastic welding processes and their forthcomings will be presented. You will also learn about the importance of having trained and certified personnel working in this line. In the end, we will be demonstrating how TWI can help ensure your plastic welders and inspectors are equipped with the right skills and are capable of delivering impeccable service which can guarantee the quality of service for your clients. This webinar is beneficial to engineers, inspectors, technicians, quality assurance/ quality control personnel, supervisors, managers and anyone intrigued to grasp the importance of plastic joining and inspection cruciality.




Dean Mallaburn – Global product & regional programme manager

Dean has worked with TWI Technology Sout-East Asia for the past nine years. He has delivered training courses in 11 countries and manages 19 programmes including welding inspection, BGAS-CSWIP painting and coatings as well as plastic welding and inspection. Dean holds his master's in Business and is a member of the Welding Specialist and Practitioners Management Committee. He specialises in welding, inspection, and coatings systems; however, he has vast knowledge and experience in various subject matters. 


Scott AndrewsPrincipal Project Leader, Novel Polymer Technologies Section

Scott is currently working as a principal project leader in the novel polymer technologies section at TWI. Scott has been involved in plastics welding research for over 20 years. His primary role is to lead and deliver research projects relating to plastics welding, typically providing plastics welding consultancy for medical and automotive products (in particular joint design for welding), proof of welding feasibility, plastics welding troubleshooting, welding machine specification and validation for entering production.In addition, Scott manages the day-to-day running of TWI’s Plastics Welder Training and Examinations business, and is currently a CSWIP approved Plastics Welding Examiner.Scott’s areas of expertise covers all plastics welding processes - in particular ultrasonic welding, plastics welding equipment, analysis of plastic welds, plastic materials - including high-temperature thermoplastics as well as wood welding and wood polymer composite welding. Scott has successfully led many small to large polymer welding projects for a variety of applications, across a number of industry sectors (medical, automotive, power, aerospace, oil and gas, construction).