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What Are TWI Malaysia's Sponsored Programmes?

Over the years, TWI Technology (S.E.Asia) Sdn. Bhd. (TWI Malaysia) has had several successful partnerships with the Malaysian government and respective agencies. We are dedicated to contributing to the development and enhancement of Malaysia’s TVET training capabilities through implementing our expertise in welding and inspection training and certification. TWI Malaysia is determined to continue working closely with the industry to develop a skilled workforce that can meet the needs of the industry in Malaysia and earn high incomes nationally and internationally.

How can TWI Malaysia offer Sponsored training?

TWI Malaysia approaches various government agencies capable of offering funds for training and upskilling of the nation.

Each agency has its unique requirement and specifications for the groups of people who can benefit from the training fund and CSR programme.

As an example, if a fund is offered by an agency in Selangor, one of the requirements could be that the participants of that sponsored program must come from the Selangor state. It can be specified that the candidates must come from the B40 group or have particular background and skillset.

TWI Malaysia works with institutes for upskilling candidates with basic knowledge of welding. We also have collaborations with institutes that help those who do not know welding and inspection to become competent in this field and support them with job placement at the end of the program. So far many Malaysian youths have benefited from our Zero to Hero program. Tahfiz students have been one good example of how this programme could help young Malaysians get their foot into the oil and gas industry.

What are the entry requirements for those who wish to receive a sponsorship?

Each sponsored programme has its unique requirements. So, if you are interested to apply for a sponsorship, you need to be vigilant and find out about the requirements of that particular programme. However, some criteria are generally applicable to most programmes.

The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen, aged from 18 to 45 years old. Priority is given to low-income families (B40), Asnaf groups, or those who receive Zakat aid from the state Islamic religious council. The candidate should have a minimum of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) or equivalent. There are also programmes available especially for Tahfiz students to help them improve their standard of living through getting access to quality education and learning a new skill.

How long is the duration of TWI Malaysia’s sponsored training courses?

The duration of TWI Malaysia’s sponsored training can be varied depending on the programmes. For instance, Zero to Hero programme can last up to 16 weeks while some other programmes may take 1 to 2 weeks only. To find out about the duration of each programme, you can contact us at and we will be providing you with the full details of the sponsored training you are interested in.

Is there a cost for the participants of the sponsored programmes? How much do I need to pay?

Applicants of the sponsored training programmes do not have to pay anything to participate in these programmes. The training cost is 100% covered by the sponsor.

However, if at the end of the programme, the students withdraw, terminated, or reject the job placement provided, they might be required to repay all costs incurred by the sponsor. The amount can vary based on the programme and it will be calculated by the sponsor.

What is the process of applying for getting a sponsorship?

Once you chose the programme you wish to participate in, you need to contact our team to request the list of necessary documents for your application. You then need to submit the required documents to our team at TWI Malaysia.

If you meet the entry requirement and your application is shortlisted you will be contacted by one of our staff. You will be invited to participate in the screening and interview session. Successful applicants will be notified within 2-4 weeks about their acceptance into the programme.

Do I need to have the relevant working experience to apply for sponsorship?

Our sponsorship programmes are mostly targeted toward candidates who wish to learn and upskill their knowledge in welding and inspection. Thus, no working experience is needed. However, if you have background knowledge and relevant working experience in this field, it could help you to learn more easily and progress.

Do I get a guaranteed job placement after completing my training?

Yes, all candidates that complete the sponsored training with success in assessments will be provided with guaranteed job placement opportunities.

What is the process of job placement after completion of the sponsored training?

When selected students start their sponsored training at TWI, we approach the relevant companies for the recruitment of the graduates. Usually, in the second month of the sponsored programmes, an interview session is organized. Those candidates who succeed in the interview session will get an offer letter before they finish their training with TWI Malaysia and will be able to start their career after finishing their training with success.

What is the salary range I can expect after completion of my sponsored training at TWI?

Depending on the industry you get in, the salary range can slightly vary. Normally the starting salary range for welders or helpers is RM1200 to RM1500. This amount can increase if overtime payment gets added to it.

For those who land a job in the NDT field, the starting salary range would be between RM1700 to RM1800. As the candidates gain experience and if they learn additional NDT Techniques, their salary rank would go up.

It is important to bear in mind that even though you have undergone the professional competency training at TWI Malaysia, however, when you enter the industry you are short of work experience. Hence with patience and over time, you can build up a strong resume and increase your income drastically.

What are my career development options after completing the sponsored training?

After completing the training programme at TWI, we recommend you stay on your job for a while to gain hands-on industrial experience and exposure. This would not only help you sharpen your skills but also gives you a better idea of your interests for the next steps in your career path.

You can choose to grow in the welding Inspection field or you may find yourself interested in the NDT line of work. Whichever field you choose, TWI can help you with progressing in your career with qualifications that are globally recognised and can secure your jobs on international projects.

Do I get a certificate after completing the sponsored training programme at TWI Malaysia?

Depending on the sponsored programme you participate in, the certificates can vary.

When attending a sponsored training at TWI, you will be trained and certified on the skills in demand by the Malaysian industry. If you complete welding training, you receive a TWI Certificate of Attendance, as well as CSWIP, Approved Welder (depending on the programme). Other certificates may include CIDB Green Card, OGSP, CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector, and CSWIP NDT techniques.

How difficult is welding and can women attend the training?

Just like any other skill, as a beginner, you may find welding difficult. However, with patience, perseverance, and constant practice, you are guaranteed that you can master the skill and welding will be a rewarding job.

Welding is a male-dominated industry, however, it doesn’t mean that women cannot enter this field. Recently, we have had several female students who have successfully completed the welding training and are now working in the field and earning a living from their skills.

Where is the sponsored training conducted? Is accommodation, food, transportation, and allowance included in the sponsored programme?

Most often, the sponsored training courses are delivered at our facilities in Shah Alam, Selangor. However, depending on the particular programmes, the training can also be conducted at approved training centers in other states.

Candidates from outside Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are provided with accommodation, food, and transportation. A monthly allowance is given to participants depending on the sponsorship programmes package.

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