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Power-RBI and Integrity solution for boilers

An advanced risk and life management software developed for boilers integrity management based on formal risk-based inspection practices.  RiskWISE® for boilers software works by targeting and scheduling of inspection and maintenance activities.

The software is developed by TWI experts in accordance with globally recognised codes and standards such as ASME, API 581 and API RP 580. The software would not only help with improvement of safety of the equipment, it also acts as a facilitator for improving the efficiency by enhancing the run times and reducing outage cost.

TWI has been an influential member of the API RP 581 Committee, contributing to the latest edition of the code. Following a period of review and development, the updated version of RiskWISE has been released and is compliant with the new edition of API RP 581.

Programme features


  • User-friendly software fully transparent risk based maintenance software
  • True maintenance planning tool rather than only a risk analysis tool
  • Determination of the risk of failure with time in service
  • Regular updated database with relevant damage mechanisms, and guidance on formulating probability and the consequence of failure
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Unit-wide risk audit enables repair and maintenance resources to be risk-focused


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