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RiskWISE ® for Process plants



RiskWISE® is a code-compliant risk-based inspection and maintenance software system that makes safe and confident management of risk and economic operations of plants and equipment possible for the plant personnel.

The system which has been around since the 90s is a Risk-Based Inspection and Management engineering software which has been developed in accordance with the concepts of RBI and RBM and meeting the industry recognised API Recommended Practice (RP) 580 – Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and API RP 581 – Risk Based Inspection Technology.

The code-compliant software is used for optimization and maintenance of process plants which can result in improving your safety, facilitating increased run times and reducing expensive outage costs.

TWI has been an influential member of the API RP 581 Committee, contributing to the latest edition of the code. Following a period of review and development, the updated version of RiskWISE has been released and is compliant with the new edition of API RP 581.

Programme features

  • User-friendly software designed for use by plant personnel, therefore not dependent on external consultants.
  • Fully Quantitative RBI assessment as per API RP 581: 2016.
  • Regularly updated database with all relevant damage mechanisms, as well as guidance on formulating the probability and the consequence of failure.
  • Targets inspection by identifying the most likely locations for damage.
  • Sensitivity analysis capabilities ideal for situations where data is unavailable.
  • Fully auditable output acceptable to insurers and regulators.

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