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Who we are

TWI is a membership-based organisation, supporting our Industrial Member companies through the provision of authoritative and impartial expert advice, knowhow and safety assurance through engineering, materials and joining technologies – helping to design, create and innovate across all areas of industry. We also provide Professional Membership to individuals through The Welding Institute, supporting personal career growth and the exchange of knowledge.

We have grown into one of the foremost independent research and technology organisations, spanning innovation, knowledge transfer and problem resolution across all aspects of welding, joining, surface engineering, inspection, and whole-life integrity management.

TWI Pakistan is extending our support services to our international subsidiaries across the globe in the fields of governance, finance, project management, marketing, human resource and solving complex engineering problems.

 warren.bathWARREN BATH


“TWI Pakistan provides expertise across the globe to our members and colleagues. Pakistan is a strategic market for TWI, providing incredible access to talent and growth opportunities within the region. Having visited Lahore for the opening ceremony of our new office and to celebrate 75 years of TWI, I am proud of what we have achieved in this region. We have been able to recruit a highly motivated group of experts, as well as provide amazing employment opportunities locally. We are all excited to see what can be achieved at TWI over the coming years and Pakistan will be an important part of that.”

jawad_zubairJAWAD ZUBAIR


“I am very much excited to embark on the new journey to bring TWI Pakistan to greater heights. I strongly value and hope to amplify the culture of TWI Ltd that allows employees to realize their fullest potential and take on new challenges to drive innovation within the company. I am committed to the six core values of TWI that foster a sense of belonging, welcomes all perspectives, and provide equitable access to opportunities and resources for everyone.

TWI Pakistan is committed to supporting TWI Ltd and building a future where people and technology make a real difference, to improve the quality of life and well-being of all people.