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CSWIP Welding Quality Control Coordinator

Is it for me?

If you are a welding inspector or quality assurance operative, this course is for you.

For experienced inspection personnel with wanting to demonstrate quality control management competence, this qualification represents a natural career progression.

Before enrolling on the course, you must have knowledge of the following areas:

  • Application of the requirements of codes and standards
  • Identification of relevant materials and components 
  • Knowledge of heat treatment procedures and recording systems 
  • Knowledge of hydrostatic test methods, safety, and best practice and pneumatic testing 
  • Awareness of destructive mechanical testing
  • Knowledge of quality related procedures and practices
  • Health and safety requirements and practices
  • Knowledge of associated manufacturing processes and operations
  • Use and application of inspection quality test plans/written schemes of examination

What will I learn?

This course will cover planning, inspection test plans (quality plans), and the review and acceptance of material certification, mechanical testing reports, welding procedures qualifications, welder qualifications, PWHT reports and procedures, pressure testing reports, NDT reports, as built drawing, engineering query, non-conformance reports, final certification.

What will I leave with?

This course will provide you with the relevant knowledge to progress your career in welding quality control, offering you information for a range of related topics from health and safety to codes and standards, manufacturing processes, and more.

What else should I know?

Enrolment on this course does not constitute reservation of an examination. All courses may be followed by a CSWIP Welding Quality Control Coordinator examination for candidates with appropriate experience as specified in CSWIP document CSWIP- QCC-20-08. 


In order to qualify for this course, you must hold a current valid CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector certification plus three years' experience related to the duties and responsibilities or an international equivalent.

Alternatively, you must have a current valid CSWIP Welding Inspector certification with 10 years' documented experience related to the duties and responsibilities, or an international equivalent.

In addition, you must also have a minimum 5 years' documented experience working at a position with full responsibility for all welding- related quality control functions, including supervision of the welding inspection staff. 

For more infomation please email: