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Occupational Health and Safety Online Live Training Course in the Middle East

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NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Online Live Course

The course content remains the same as the classroom-based course where students will be able to attend the interactive training delivered by TWI NEBOSH-approved lecturers, via Zoom, WebEx or similar platforms.


Is it for me?

Managers, supervisors and staff, based outside the UK, working within all types of organisations. They will be making day-to-day decisions at work that require a broad understanding of health and safety issues and the ability to manage risks effectively.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety, providing a valuable foundation for further professional study.

What will I learn?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate covers the core skills you need wherever you work. You will learn:

  • How to effectively manage health and safety
  • How to identify and control common workplace hazards
  • How to measure if you have been successful
  • Relevant key international standards

The syllabus is divided into two units:

  • Unit IG1: Management of Health and Safety
  • Unit IG2: Risk Assessment


  • Unit IG1: Open book exam
  • Unit IG2: Practical assessment

Certification/Awarding Body: NEBOSH


This qualification is also available in eLearning mode. Contact us to learn more.


For more infomation please email: