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IntegriWISE™ API 579 fitness-for-service software

IntegriWISE is a fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment software designed to assess the integrity of aging equipment, including pipelines, storage tanks, boilers and pressure vessels.

The software allows engineers and managers to assess damage mechanisms and conduct 'what if' scenarios, essentially reducing outages and costs.  IntegriWISE ensures that you stay in compliance with industrial requirements by automating the level 1 and 2 FFS assessments from API 579 / ASME FFS-1 with a use of widely relevant and accepted standards and procedures.

Programme features


Calculate critial operational conditions and safe continued operating loads to applicable international standards, including API 579-1/ ASME FFS-1, and ASME B31G, in a single software tool.
Assess different damage mechanisms such as metal loss, pitting corrosion, lamination and hydrogen damage.
Range of equipment and component geometries including cylindrical shells, spheres, torispherical heads, elliptical heads, bends, elbows and reducers.
Conduct multiple ‘what if’ scenario assessments using a hierarchical structure incorporating site, facility, equipment and components.
Generates assessment reports in accordance with API 579-1/ ASME FFS-1.
Includes material databases from major ASME and API design codes.



InteriWISETM Brochure IntergiWISETM Demo Download



Fitness-for-Service (FFS) Assessment, based on API and ASME

A 5-day course covering Level 1 (for plant inspectors) and Level 2 (for engineers) FFS assessments, in accordance with the latest edition of API 579. IntegriWISE training workshop – 1 day training workshop intended for engineering staff. 

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