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Asset Integrity Management Solutions

We provide asset integrity management solutions to a global client base. Whether the asset is an onshore terminal, offshore production platform or processing plant, we have the technical knowledge, experience and resources to support all aspects of asset integrity management, with particular focus on ageing assets and maintaining operational integrity.

Asset integrity management services offered include:  

  • Audit and gap analysis of asset integrity and process safety management system
  • Development and implementation of risk-based inspection (RBI) schemes
  • Cathodic protection system design, installation and performance audits
  • Review of materials selection and corrosion control philosophies and strategies
  • Asset life planning during new developments
  • Life extension and remnant life studies for ageing assets
  • Regulatory compliance issues, codes and standards work
  • Placement of specialist in the client’s organisation to champion AIMS, PIMS and PMS
  • Preparation of asset integrity and process safety management manuals andprocedures for oil, gas, process and pipeline facilities
  • Risk based inspection planning and implementation for oil, gas, process andpower generation facilities
  • Defect assessment, life extension and fitness-for-service studies
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) management
  • Protective coating systems
  • Sacrificial and impressed current cathodic protection systems
  • Corrosion inhibition, chemical treatment and corrosion monitoring
  • Failure investigation
  • Joining and welding consultancy
  • Risk assessment, safety case preparation, HAZID and HAZOP facilitation

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