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Our People: Issa Suleiman - Driving Growth at TWI

Tue, 19 March, 2024

In an exclusive interview, Issa Suleiman, TWI Middle East’s Business Development Manager, shared insights into his professional journey, personal background, and key milestones.

Born in Benghazi in 1989, Issa’s childhood was marked by ambition and compassion. Described as a smart and friendly kid at school, he cherished the value of genuine friendships in an era where they were deemed rare treasures. While he takes pride in having a select few friends, most of whom have been with him since childhood, their unwavering support has been his pillar of strength. From an early age, he harboured dreams of a comfortable life enveloped in the warmth of family bonds. Yearning for a future brimming with purpose and significance, he nurtured aspirations to achieve greatness. His heart resonated with the unspoken needs of people and their rightful aspirations for a dignified existence. Above all else, his ultimate dream remains unwavering - to become a President. Driven by empathy and an innate understanding of societal needs, he aspires to lead with integrity and compassion.

Issa Quoted:  

“It is my fervent belief that every individual deserves a life filled with opportunities, justice, and dignity. As I continue to tread on this path towards realizing my aspirations, guided by the values instilled in me during my formative years, I remain steadfast in my commitment to serving humanity and striving towards a brighter future for all.”

Before joining TWI, Issa began a journey that led him through various roles in Civil Engineering and Computer Science. He honed his skills in business development through diverse experiences, including serving as a Sales Area Manager for Libya at NAFFCO and working with Sofan Gold and Mining.

When asked about what inspired him to join TWI, and how his journey has been so far, he answered: 

"Over the years, TWI's rich history, capabilities, and expertise have not only enlightened me but also inspired me to be part of such a successful organisation. Since joining as a Training Coordinator in 2018, I have had the opportunity to grow and develop in various departments. My journey is a testament to the possibilities of developing one's career within this esteemed organization, given careful planning and dedication. My experience and achievements serve as motivation for my colleagues and peers. I believe that with the right mind set and determination, anyone can achieve success in their career at TWI. And today, I am proud to be a Business Development Manager of GCC and North Africa."

Upon joining TWI, Issa noticed a potential opportunity to diversify TWI’s course offerings beyond the predominant focus on Welding - CSWIP and BGAS. He took the initiative to introduce new courses, such as NDT, Fitness for Service, and Corrosion, which not only aligned with TWI’s capabilities but also addressed industry needs effectively. This expansion has significantly enhanced TWI’s business portfolio and reputation in the market. Moreover, since transitioning to the engineering department, Issa has had the privilege of working closely with his line manager to explore new markets by travelling within the region and establishing valuable industry connections. These efforts have been instrumental in expanding reach and fostering growth opportunities for TWI.

Overall, Issa’s leadership style is centred around leading with transparency and communication, as he believes it creates a positive and inclusive work environment, fosters trust, and enables effective collaboration, ultimately leading to team success. While answering about what values or principles guide his decision-making in his professional life, Issa said understanding the impact of our decisions on our loved ones is paramount, and it's commendable that you prioritize your family in both your personal and professional choices. Establishing a clear understanding of your goals, values, and preferences is indeed crucial for effective decision-making. By aligning these with what is best for the business, you can ensure that your actions not only benefit your professional endeavours but also resonate positively with those closest to you.

Issa emphasised discipline, teamwork, and mutual understanding as crucial elements for success. He advised, that by working together cohesively with a shared vision and supporting one another through challenges, aspiring professionals can achieve great things. Self-belief is a powerful force. When faced with obstacles or difficulties, have faith in your abilities and persevere. Success often lies just beyond the point where most people give up. Talking about maintaining a balance between his professional and personal life, Issa stressed the importance of time management, in addition to enhancing your time management skills, it's essential to unwind and recharge. Issa finds solace in activities like swimming, spending quality time with his children, and indulging in shooting as ways to disconnect from the daily work routine.

Issa’s journey serves as an inspiration, reflecting the values of dedication, integrity, and compassion that define TWI's culture. His contributions continue to drive innovation and excellence within the organization.

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