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Boost Your Career with TWI’s New AIM Diplomas Programme

Wed, 10 July, 2024

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is an essential discipline in the engineering world, focused on maintaining the safe and continuous operation, maintenance, and repair of industrial plants and equipment. Given its importance in sectors like oil and gas, power, and construction, there is a high demand for skilled AIM professionals who can ensure the safety and efficiency of critical assets.

TWI Global Academy's AIM Diploma Programme

Recognizing this industry need, TWI Global Academy has introduced a series of new Diplomas in Asset Integrity Management (AIM): AIM Practitioner, AIM Specialist, and AIM Professional. These courses create a bridge from technical and vocational training to higher education, offering a clear path to professional development and certification. 

The Role of AIM Professionals

AIM professionals play a crucial role in the engineering sector. They conduct regular inspections and assessments to identify issues such as corrosion, erosion, and structural weaknesses. Utilizing advanced engineering technologies, they monitor operations in real-time to detect any deviations from standard conditions. These professionals then use their findings to develop and implement maintenance and repair strategies, while proactive risk assessments help mitigate potential hazards, ensuring the continued integrity of critical assets.

Moreover, AIM professionals work to enhance asset performance, reduce maintenance costs, comply with industry standards, and engage in lifecycle planning from installation to decommissioning.

Programme Overview

The TWI AIM Diploma programme is designed to help candidates build their knowledge and skills from the ground up. Starting with basic concepts and theories, the programme progresses to practical applications and advanced techniques relevant to the industry. The holistic approach combines practical, theoretical, and situational training, supported by expert content through online interactive e-learning and in-person sessions. Candidates also benefit from networking with peers, industry professionals, and potential employers. Each diploma can be pursued flexibly, within a two-year timeframe, allowing candidates to balance their studies with other responsibilities.

Who Should Apply?

The TWI AIM Diplomas are suitable for a range of candidates, including:

- Operatives and technicians currently working in plant and asset operations who seek professional qualifications.
- Individuals with CSWIP certifications in Non-Destructive Testing and Welding Inspection aiming for graduate-level qualifications.
- Engineering graduates looking for practical skills applicable in the workplace.
- School leavers interested in a career in engineering with a focus on asset integrity management.
- Lifelong learners dedicated to maintaining relevant industry knowledge and technical competence.

Employers can also benefit from having their staff undertake these AIM Diplomas, enhancing the skills and expertise of their workforce.

How to Get Started

Take the next step in your career with TWI’s AIM Diploma programme. For more information and to discuss how these diplomas can enhance your professional prospects, email: A course advisor will contact you with further details.

Applications for the AIM Diplomas will open in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2024. If you’ve registered your interest via email, you will receive a notification when applications begin.

The first cohort of AIM Diploma students will start their programmes in January 2025, embarking on an exciting new stage in their professional development.

Download a copy of the TWI AIM Diplomas brochure for full programme details and more about TWI Global Academy.

TWI Global Academy – Asset Integrity Management Diplomas Brochure - pdf - 7mb

For more information please email: