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After-New Year Get-Together

Tue, 23 January, 2024

TWI Gulf’s office buzzed with excitement as colleagues from various departments converged, exchanging warm greetings and smiles. As the festive echoes of New Year's celebrations lingered, our staff gathered once more for something equally essential on January 15th 2024 – to become part of the global launch of “Workday” and an After-New Year get-together luncheon. 

The air was filled with camaraderie and joy and the aroma of delicious food set the ambience for an afternoon of connection and celebration. The menu symbolized the inclusive nature of our workplace and was a culinary journey that reflected the richness of our team's diversity.

The day started with the successful launch of Workday, a sophisticated platform containing systems that will enhance greater accessibility and mobility for TWI's people was successfully launched. Bringing Workday on board is one of TWI's commitments that embraces the future and promotes synergy in our people’s processes which are as dynamic and progressive as the work that we do.

We are grateful to the People and Culture Team who have worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition and application across the entire organisation.

TWI MENA Staff Workday Launch
TWI MENA Staff Workday Launch

As the day drew to a close, Mr. Ali Elkordi, the Regional Engineering Manager and Ms. Nayab Abid, the People and Culture Advisor handed over the special TWI hamper loaded with delightful surprises to everyone.

What's in the hamper?
What's in the hamper?

The gathering was truly a reaffirmation of our shared dedication to excellence as a cohesive team. Now, standing at the threshold of 2024 armed with experiences and triumphs of the past year, here’s to the journey ahead and the promise it holds.

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