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TWI Middle East - An Overview

Thu, 06 August, 2020


TWI Middle East came into life thirteen years ago and has always had to mission to bring ‘value addition’ and ‘innovation’ to its customers. Ahsan, the Middle East General Manager and Ahmed, Middle East Training Manager confirmed this when interviewed to review the history and future of TWI in the Middle East, noting that it is important that the Middle East offices should be seen as solution providers for industry in this part of the world.

Training was the focus when TWI Middle East was founded back in 2007. Health and safety training services were added in 2008 as part of the offering for the oil and gas industry as well as for retail and manufacturing companies in the region.

Since then, the services provided by TWI Middle East, in addition to the TWI training courses and industry specific training to answer specific needs of customers, have expanded to include consultancy and engineering. These services are offered in sixteen different countries, covering the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan. And, in 2011, engineering work was added to the list of services.

As an example of the engineering work offered by TWI in the Middle East, one recent job required the assessment of equipment in an oil field. Despite it being a relatively small routine job for the company, the client was able to resume production of 200,000 oil barrels a day, a significant contribution to this industry from TWI, whose technical expertise and efficiency proved vital to industry in the Middle East.

Ahsan and Ahmed are confident about the services and growth of TWI Middle East going forward – all with the backing of the TWI R&D department in the UK. TWI Middle East works closely alongside the UK, for example, in the engineering that forms a key part of the industry that occurs there. The positive reputation of TWI as a company with a long proven track record of successful projects with industry, helps the regional offices to carry out the various operations they are involved in in the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan.

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TWI ME staff with Ahsan, Middle East General Manager and Dietmar from TWI South East Asia
TWI ME staff with Ahsan, Middle East General Manager and Dietmar from TWI South East Asia

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