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Health, Safety and Environment Training with TWI Middle East

Wed, 19 August, 2020

TWI Middle East offices provide a wealth of training services, with one of the most important being various health, safety and environment (HSE) training courses and consultancy. Begun in 2009, health and safety training was introduced to meet high market demand. HSE is a priority for government and the private sector in the Middle East, and a huge variety of industries and companies are required to meet particular standards such as the NEBOSH qualification. Having identified the demand for this service, TWI began to lead training and offer consultancy for the Middle East in various ways.

The training offered by TWI Middle East takes two main forms. Firstly, we offer instruction in accredited and internationally recognised qualifications from external boards. These include the IOSH Managing Safety course and the NEBOSH general and technical certificates, some of which are requirements  for certain companies to meet. The second type is the non-accredited training which is designed custom to the needs and specific operations of clients. These bespoke courses are developed for specific requirements depending on the job, and are tailored to the customer company’s needs. Both varieties of training are essential to the clientele of TWI Middle East, as all industries, including oil and gas, construction, and engineering, require high-quality health and safety training.

HSE forms a large part of TWI’s operations in the Middle East, and our Middle East offices are the leading centre of this kind of training. Its core competencies in HSE and proactive role in leading these services round the world make it a key participant in health and safety training.

Since its beginning in 2009, the HSE training has improved and expanded over time. Though the team has considered the years after they first started a ‘golden age’ due to the lack of competition, TWI Middle East has grown as industry has changed, and now offers HSE consultancy and other services. Additionally, clients were based mainly in the UAE, but now this has expanded to include other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The team is therefore optimistic for a new ‘golden age’ of HSE training.

The successful future of TWI Middle East looks extremely promising. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, lots of courses are now being offered online, with online media being used especially with the more academic courses. The team predicts changes will be towards the safety of participants rather than in the curriculum or in the activities offered as the industry itself develops. The team have also noted the importance of reassessing and adapting training courses as, if a procedure requires changes after analysis, a course may be changed and improved to suit a shift in trends or in industry. Into the future, the team hope to develop their own TWI brand in HSE.

TWI remains at the centre of HSE training in the Middle East. The TWI brand has a strong reputation amongst the countries these offices cover, and is in good standing with regional industry professionals. TWI has an exceptional track record for delivering HSE courses; two TWI-trained students have now won outstanding awards, and the company is becoming known for its extremely high quality of training.

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