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Alternative Assessments: NEBOSH Open Book Examination

Tue, 01 September, 2020

Earlier this year, NEBOSH examinations were cancelled or postponed to protect and prevent both learners and staff from contracting COVID-19. With these exceptional circumstances, NEBOSH, like TWI, has adapted to the challenges and capitalised on the opportunities forced upon us all by the pandemic. Working closely with SQA Accreditation to maintain its qualifications’ rigour and recognition, NEBOSH has developed and expanded plans to offer remote and online assessments for its range of qualifications and courses, thereby demonstrating a commitment to further develop and enhance learning.

What is Open Book Examination?

An open book examination is a method widely used by awarding bodies and universities – that allows learners to take examinations in a safe location of their choosing.

This examination method will permanently replace the invigilated paper-based examinations, making it possible for learners to sit their NEBOSH assessment in the comfort of their own homes or another convenient, safe and suitable location.

The new approach also has the added benefit of enabling people in even more countries across the globe to study towards, and gain, a NEBOSH qualification. Learners will have a 24-hour window where they are permitted to research on their own to complete the assessment.

Unlike invigilated paper-based examinations, NEBOSH’s open book examinations will present learners with real-life scenarios followed by a related series of questions that will demonstrate the application of their experience and knowledge acquired.

After the assessment, the learner schedules and partakes in a closing interview. The purpose of the closing interview is to verify that the final submittal was executed independently without external assistance.

During the interview, through video conference by the nominated learning partner, the interviewer will typically ask questions based upon the open book examination. The session lasts for approximately 15 minutes.

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