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Introducing TWI Crystal™ SDK 

The TWI Crystal Software Development Kit (SKD) provides sophisticated, an easy-to-use software, designed and capable of controlling, and managing the interaction of a wide range of sensors, robotics and hardware control systems. 

Allowing for access to the most advanced Non Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection algorithms the SDK can be linked to a friendly but comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) for data interpretation and analysis. User code development is simplified through access to different abstraction layers including user interface, data and acquisition layers.

Please contact for further information or to see if you are eligable for a free 90-day trial of our TWI Crystal commercial application, which is built on the TWI Crystal SDK.

TWI Crystal Structure


Examples of software Applications built on the Crystal SDK

TWI Crystal is an advanced ultrasonic inspection software package built on the SDK that allows for Full Matrix Capture, Plane Wave Imaging and Visual Source Aperture inspection techniques.
TWI IntACOM is a software package used for 3D phased array inspection using robotic encoders.
Shearios is a software package based on the Crystal SDK that allows for the Shearograhic inspection of wind turbine blades
Tacoma is a software package designed to allow the robotic inspection of composite parts using X-Rays and air-coupled ultrasonic testing
Please contact for further information.

TWI Crystal Software Development Kit (SDK)

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