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TWI Crystal™ is an advanced ultrasonic inspection package that enables automated Full-Matrix Capture (FMC), Virtual Source Aperture (VSA) and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) inspection of industrial structures.

Our software provides an intuitive interface for advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques. TWI Crystal™ offers real-time automated inspection of planar or complex geometric structures, providing users with high defect detection and sizing accuracy. With its broad capability, it can be integrated both in-service and in production environments, generating comprehensive solutions to the industrial sectors including nuclear, defence, oil & gas, aviation and rail industries.

TWI Crystal™ Features

  • FMC, VSA and PWI Inspection support
  • Complex Geometry Inspections
  • Linear, Dual Linear and Dual Matrix Array Transducer
  • Multi-Mode Imaging
  • Inspection Calibration Routines

TWI Crystal™ Benefits

  • Defect Detection
  • High Sizing Accuracy
  • Suitable for in-servicse and manufactured type flaw detection
  • Real-time scannig and data/image display

TWI Crystal™ Services

  • Custom software Solutions
  • Inspection Services
  • Procedure development and qualification
  • Application specific training


  • TWI Crystal™ - Application of FMC (3-day Training Course)
    An extensive course covering FMC, VSA and PWI theory as well as practical TWI CrystalTM training. Suitable for individuals with phased array background knowledge.
  • TWI Crystal™ – Application Specific Training
    A practical course tailored to individual customer requirements. Courses can be aligned with independent procedures and focus on specific inspection applications. 

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TWI are are at the forefront of research in NDT. Much of this knowledge is used to improve the capabilities of the software. For a full list of papers that the TWI team have published please click the button below.

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Ultrasonic Inspection of Pipeline Girth Weld using TWI Crystal Software


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