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Structural and Pipeline Integrity

TWI engineers have unrivalled experience in delivering optimised integrity services throughvarious methods of fitness-for-service assessments, engineering critical assessment (ECA),defect assessment, crack and lamination assessment, corrosion growth analysis and remnantlife assessment.

We have unrivalled experience in interpreting inspection and NDE data, providing fitness-for-service assessments and corrosion growth analyses, leading to optimised ongoing integritymanagement through scheduled repairs and inspection intervals. 

  • Since 2013, TWI performed ECDA for over 2000 km of onshore natural gas pipelines for a number of pipeline operators in Central Asia
  • Since 2012, TWI completed a number of RBI studies for operators of onshore plants and offshore productio facilities in Central Asia
  • TWI recently provided engineering and inspection services as part of the rehabilitation and modernisation of teh SOCAR refinery in Azerbaijan

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