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Who may attend this course?

The CSWIP Welding Inspector course is designed for inspection engineers and supervisory staff. Those with little or no previous welding experience are advised to attend the CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector to prepare for this course.


What will I learn?

You will learn the duties and responsibilities of a welding inspector including fusion welding processes, types of steel (including carbon-manganese, low alloy and stainless steels), typical weld defects, weldability, the hardening of steels, heat treatment and parent metal defects.

The programme also includes the testing of parent metals and welds, visual inspection and destructive and non-destructive test techniques.

You will also learn codes and standards, welder and procedure approval, and an outline of safe working practices. 

In addition, you can purchase TWI’s online CSWIP Welding Inspector Pre-Learning package which prepares them for the course.

All CSWIP requirement documents are available at


What are the entry requirements?

  • Welding Inspector for a minimum of 3 years with experience related to the duties and responsibilities listed in Clause 1.2.2 of CSWIP document WI-6-92, under qualified supervision, independently verified OR
  • Certified Visual Welding Inspector for a minimum of 2 years with job responsibilities in the areas listed in 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of CSWIP document WI-6-92 OR
  • Welding Instructor or Welding Foreman/Supervisor for a minimum of one year

In addition to all the above, candidates must comply with Clause 1.3.4 of document WI-6-92 available at

All experience will need to be verified by either your previous/present employer/company.

Read the full course details here.


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