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Fri, 17 May, 2024

TWI Azerbaijan held an online webinar on "Importance of Corrosion in Our Life" by Rauf Aliyev, who has experience in the field of painting, coating, and corrosion on May 6, 2024. The webinar was met with wide interest, participants received a certificate of participation at the end of the webinar.

The webinar started with “Introduction to Corrosion”. In the webinar “Examples of corrosion in everyday life”, “Corrosion Cell”, “Corrosion Accelerating Factors”, “Why Corrosion Matters?”, “The Economic Impact of Corrosion”, “Safety and Reliability Concerns”, “Environmental Consequences of Corrosion”, “Corrosion in Infrastructure”, “Corrosion in Industry”, “Corrosion Prevention and Control Techniques”, “Innovations in Corrosion Research”, “Case Studies and Real-World Examples”, “Regulatory Framework and Standards”, “Corrosion Awareness and Education”, “Future Trends and Challenges” and many important and valuable information about the corrosion and its importance was discussed.

At the end of the webinar, the participants shared their thoughts about the webinar:

S.B. - Thank you for the useful webinar. I also thank Rauf!

T.S. - Thank you for the webinar. It was very useful. Waiting for the next one!

1.G. - Thank you for this seminar, very useful training!

A.A. - Thanks to TWI Caspian Sea for the webinar and for the certificate. Special thanks to Rauf Aliyev for a good lecture rich in useful information!

Understanding and managing corrosion is vital for ensuring safety, economic stability, environmental protection, and the sustainable use of resources. By addressing corrosion proactively, society can mitigate its adverse effects and enhance the reliability and longevity of essential infrastructure and equipment.

TWI Azerbaijan plans to hold such interactive webinars frequently to improve people's knowledge and experience in such important areas.

You can follow our social media accounts for information about the next webinars.