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Industrial Member reports summaries - key findings for industry

Industrial Member reports convey the findings of projects completed as part of TWI's Core Research Programme. More information and a list of projects currently being undertaken can be found via the Core Research Programme page.

Each Industrial Member report is accompanied by a report summary - key findings for industry - and these are publicly available. Website users from Industrial Member companies, once logged in, can access a link to the full report within each summary.
ReferenceTitle / SubjectAuthorYear
1056/2015Characterisation of a Novel Electron Beam Gun Design with a Radio Frequency Excited Plasma CathodeColin Ribton, S del Pozo and D R Smith2015
1055/2015Initial Feasibility Study of the Potential of Resistance Spot Welding Steel to Aluminium using Interlayer Transition MaterialsSullivan Smith2015
1054/2015An Initial Investigation of Microwelding of Multiple Overlapped-Foils using Continuous-wave LasersPaola De Bono2015
1053/2015Development of Multi-pass Fibre Laser Welding of Thick Section SteelChris Allen2015
1052/2014Development of Test for Encapsulants for Implantable Electronic Medical DevicesHelen Goddin and Andrew Whitaker2014
1051/2014Effect of Forced Cooling on the Integrity of Polyethylene Butt Fusion WeldsSteve Willis and Mike Troughton2014
1050/2014Atmospheric-induced Stress Corrosion Cracking of Welded Austenitic StainlessYin Jin Janin and Briony Holmes2014
1049/2014Establishing the Unloading Compliance Method for Generating R-Curves using SENT SpecimensPhilippa Moore2014
1048/2014Spatter reduction when welding with high brightness lasersB Chang and Jon Blackburn2014
1047/2014A Review and Evaluation of the Durability of Low Surface Energy CoatingsAlan Taylor2014
1046/2013Improvements in Friction Stir Welding Tool TechnologyR E Andrews2013
1045/2013Laboratory and Industrial Validation of Electron Beam Probing EquipmentMike Nunn2013
1044/2013A Comparison of Cut Quality on C-Mn and 304 Stainless Steels using 1 and 10 micrometer Wavelength Laser BeamsAli Khan2013
1043/2013High Temperature Corrosion Testing of Engineering Alloys In Contact With Molten ChloridesRoger Barnett2013
1042/2013Effect of Preheat and Interpass Temperatures on Nickel AlloyVinod Kumar, Qing Lu, and Mike Gittos2013
1041/2013Out-of-Chamber Electron Beam Welding of Thick Section C-Mn SteelChris Punshon2013
1040/2013Dissimilar friction welding of Titanium to Stainless SteelBertrand Flipo2013
1039/2013Additive Manufacture by Friction and Forge ProcessesA J S Robelou2013
1038/2013Joining Dissimilar Alloy Combinations using Scanning Laser BeamsSullivan Smith2013
1037/2013Gap Filling in FSW using AdStir: Further ImprovementX Wei2013
1036/2013Robotic Floating Bobbin FSW in 3mm Thickness Al AlloysX Wei2013
1035/2013Friction Stir Welding of Steel: Process ConsiderationsS Cater2013
1034/2013Validation of Methods to Determine CTOD from SENT SpecimensP Moore, H Pisarski and T London2013
1033/2013A New Approach to Improved Control of Thermoplastic Composites Induction WeldingC Worrall2013
1032/2013Initial Study into Thermal Piercing of Thermoplastic Composite LaminatesN Brown and C Worrall2013
1031/2013Laser Metal deposition titanium 5553, titanium 811 for aerospace applicationsR Fairclough and P McNutt2013
1030/2013Optimisation and Observation of the Laser Surfi-Sculpt® ProcessC L Earl and P A Hilton2013
1029/2013Evaluation of Adhesives and Test Methods for Measurement of Adhesion and Cohesion Strength of Thermal Spray CoatingsM A Riley2013
1028/2012Preliminary Investigation into the Multi-pass Fibre Laser Welding of Thick Section SteelC M Allen2012
1027/2012Additive Manufacture of Blisk and Guide Vanes by Friction WeldingA J Robelou and M J Russell2012