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Case Studies

Here is a range of case studies demonstrating how TWI has helped Industrial Members over the years:

594Low-force mobile friction stir welding system for on-site marine fabrication
593Evaluating the condition of critical offshore oil well equipment – RiskWISE used to analyse integrity of pressure vessels
592CleanShip industry solution for prevention and detection of fouling on ships
591Research project to develop a new technique for rapid design and manufacturing of optimised prosthetic sockets for lower limb amputees
590Additive manufacture of aluminium alloy components using the Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process
589Relating NDT data to mechanical performance loss in impact-damaged composites
588Measuring the crack growth rate of a fatigue crack using array ultrasonic technology in real-time
587Real-time auto-focussing through complex geometries components with full matrix capture
586Improvements in the pipeline for fire sprinkler system safety
585Intelligent vibration sensing enables improved monitoring of automatic train doors
584New Ice Making System to Offer a Low Cost, Environmentally Friendly Solution for Fishing Boats
583Revolutionary development cuts manufacturing times using Laser Metal Deposition
582Better coatings can substantially reduce the cost of offshore wind energy
581Research project to bring down high cost of autoclaving
580Advanced material characterisation helps Northumbria Optical Coatings build fundamental materials knowledge to increase manufacturing yield
579Successful inspection of critical stainless steel pipeline using NDT techniques and Engineering Critical Assessment
578CRANESInspect – Continuous, Reliable, Advanced, Novel and Efficient Structural health monitoring system for crane inspection applications
577Acoustic emission solution for structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades
576AEROPLAN – disseminates best practice in aerospace composites repair, monitoring and validation
575DashWin – Automated on-site inspection of wind turbine blades
574Frequency scanning testing of armour wire provides data for improved fatigue design
571Full-scale resonance testing of subsea connectors to predict fatigue capacity
570Development of phased array ultrasonic testing inspection system for testing solid railway axles
569REsidual Stress and structural Integrity Studies using Thermography (RESIST)
568Management of ageing study provides new risk-based inspection strategy for life extension of offshore assets
567Ten years of support to the Karachaganak Plant
566European expertise leads to the development of environmentally friendly coatings
565Teletest Permamount - guiding the wave of innovation
564RailSAFT – Ultrasonic inspection of cast austenitic-manganese steel railway crossings
563Alnmaritec evaluates friction stir welding for deck plate construction
562Friction welding is the key technology in developing and manufacturing flexible medical instruments
561TWI successfully completes development of two automated digital X-ray radiography inspection systems for different applications
560TWI drives new technology to build a 3D printing platform for the medical and aerospace sectors
559High temperature carburisation trials enable optimisation of manufacturing procedures in an aggressive environment
558Solvent technology helps the Tate Modern to restore a vandalised work of art
557Innovative additive laser repair technology used in restoration of iconic WW2 Spitfire aircraft
556Selective laser melting technology to develop an economical manufacturing process for customised medical implants
555New RAILECT prototype achieves compatibility with main UK and European rail profiles
554SignaStir project provides the first in-process inspection system for friction stir welding
553OGN to introduce wind turbine jacket manufacturing capabilities in Wallsend
552SpotTrack: a spot weld inspection device ready for field trials
551Potential of thick-section multi-pass laser welding in high-volume production of offshore wind turbine jackets
550Fast access to metals and consumables data – MI-21 celebrates over ten years of successful operation
549 Development of novel X-ray inspection system to detect counterfeit component
548Investigation of liquid metal damaged pipe provides confidence to Quartzelec
547Project sees TWI and partners providing engineering support to the ITER nuclear fusion reactor
546Increased confidence in new build design of pipelines
545Welding processes recommended to automotive Member
544Increased support to Members with new linear friction welding machine
543Ceramics provide a new way to manufacture precision products