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Case Studies

Here is a range of case studies demonstrating how TWI has helped Industrial Members over the years:

561TWI successfully completes development of two automated digital X-ray radiography inspection systems for different applications
560TWI drives new technology to build a 3D printing platform for the medical and aerospace sectors
559High temperature carburisation trials enable optimisation of manufacturing procedures in an aggressive environment
558Solvent technology helps the Tate Modern to restore a vandalised work of art
556Selective laser melting technology to develop an economical manufacturing process for customised medical implants
555New RAILECT prototype achieves compatibility with main UK and European rail profiles
554SignaStir project provides the first in-process inspection system for friction stir welding
553OGN to introduce wind turbine jacket manufacturing capabilities in Wallsend
552SpotTrack: a spot weld inspection device ready for field trials
551Potential of thick-section multi-pass laser welding in high-volume production of offshore wind turbine jackets
550Fast access to metals and consumables data – MI-21 celebrates over ten years of successful operation
549 Development of novel X-ray inspection system to detect counterfeit component
548Investigation of liquid metal damaged pipe provides confidence to Quartzelec
547Project sees TWI and partners providing engineering support to the ITER nuclear fusion reactor
546Increased confidence in new build design of pipelines
545Welding processes recommended to automotive Member
544Increased support to Members with new linear friction welding machine
543Ceramics provide a new way to manufacture precision products
541Mobile technology provides flexible solution for multi-pass EB welding
540Delivering best practice training in offshore wind farm technology to Taiwan
539Guidance and advice on upper shelf Charpy-fracture toughness correlations for EDF Energy
537Independent quality assessment of power plant components reveals multiple defects
536Low temperature diffusion bonding of aluminosilicate ceramic pieces
535Cold spray evaluation programme success with Ansaldo Energia
532Phased array ultrasonic technique speeds up examination of aluminothermic rail welds
531Economic harnessing of river and tidal energy
530TestPEP project success provides a method of inspecting welded joints in plastic pipes
528Powerweave - Energy revolution – Fibres generating and storing energy
527Failure analysis on a surgical instrument – multiple tests determine cause of failure
526Full-scale testing of a ‘Rocksteady’ position mooring connector
525Successful inspection beyond pipe bends using Teletest®
524Support with review and evaluation of welding procedure specifications and procedure qualification records
523Dynamic gastric models built for the Institute of Food Research
522Cassini space probe to Titan
521Cold spray enables welding of crack-sensitive alloys
520Welding engineering support for Cameron International
519Study to determine residual stresses in a pipeline girth weld produces important findings for the future of fracture mechanics assessment
518Phased array ultrasonics inspection of wind turbine aluminium blade roots
517Extra-large diameter pipeline inspection
516EB welding takes on the challenge of spent nuclear fuel storage containers
515Quality testing of dry film coating system to protect welding torch components
514High temperature test facility assesses material performance in hydrogen chloride environments
513Laser welding of PEEK for inflatable bag manufacture
512Comparing EB and laser welding processes for a new production line
511In-situ wireless monitoring of on- and offshore wind towers and blades using energy harvesting technology
510Advances in polymer stent manufacture
509Structural health monitoring of 1950s bridge
508SAFERAIL prototypes minimise wheelset failures
506Manufacturing a friction stir welded demonstration piece
505Historic aircraft restoration