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While the future for the rail transport sector is bright, the pressures for cost reduction, capacity growth and the reliable operation of ever-ageing assets remain as strong as ever.

TWI provides advice, consultancy, training and research and development to businesses throughout the rail and rolling stock supply chain, including: train and railway operating companies; station, track and freight owners; inspection and maintenance companies; and component manufacturers.

Structural integrity and fabrication technologies are vital to the safety and success of the sector. TWI uses its understanding of technical requirements to help Member companies meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by providing an ever-broadening range of support services, from initial design issues to through-life issues, including failure analyses.

Over its long association with the rail transport industry, TWI's multi-disciplinary team of experts has assisted the industry in areas including:

Examples of recent work include:

  • Providing support on welding and design technology, including weight reduction in rolling stock

  • Applying new technologies to the construction of new trains

  • Developing improved techniques for non-destructive testing (NDT) of track and rail components

  • Assisting in the assessment of the structural integrity of ageing assets

  • Auditing manufacturers

  • Providing failure analyses

  • Assisting with safety cases

  • Establishing and assessing welding competency

  • Coatings for the prevention of corrosion and erosion

  • Improving the safety and performance of components ranging from axle/bearing housings, wheels, gears, braking systems and engine mountings, to bogie frames, shoe brackets, pistons and solebars.

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In addition, TWI manages the Institute of Rail Welding www.iorw.org which covers all aspects of joining and repairing rail track.

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