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Engineering and Fabrication

Look around you. Everything you see has been constructed or fabricated from different materials for different purposes. It is no wonder then that TWI’s services in the engineering and fabrication sector have over the years grown in depth and breadth to cover the needs of our clients.

The pressure to produce quality products at an affordable price is as strong as ever. On top of this, changes in the industry are continuing as it responds to demands such as sustainability and through life cost reduction. Of particular interest is the search for more energy efficient buildings, whether new build or retrofit. There is also a pressing need for life extension of major assets in Europe and around the world. Meanwhile, the trend to off-site manufacture continues.

The experience, expertise and impartial advice available from TWI is valued by a range of sector organisations such as civil engineering consultancies, standards-setting bodies, and construction and fabrication companies from SMEs to large global organisations.

TWI can assist with materials and fabrication issues wherever they are found:

TWI assistance is always tailored to the needs of clients, whatever they may be:

  • Support on here-and-now problems

  • Receive help on unfamiliar materials

  • Improve competitiveness in international markets

  • Health and safety advice

  • In-depth consultancy and development

  • Training and certification

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Construction and Fabrication

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