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TWI Technology Centre (Wales)

The new building at TWI Technology Centre Wales
TWI Technology Centre (Wales) specialises in the development and application of state of the art non-destructive testing (NDT) methods. Through applied research and development in response to requests for assistance from member companies we provide real world solutions to inspection challenges across a broad range of industries. These technologies are particularly important for industry, where there is potential growth in sectors such as aerospace, petrochemical, road and rail transport, energy, and healthcare.  Robust, cutting edge inspection technologies are vital to underpin the structural integrity required to ensure that industry can provide safe, reliable and cost effective products.

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Our Technologies include:

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) - Conventional and Immersion
  • Advanced UT  such as Phased Array, Full Matrix Capture , Non-linear  and Laser  UT
  • Modelling & simulation
  • Radiography (RT) – Digital and Film
  • Microfocus RT – resolves flaws down to 15µm
  • Computed Tomography – 3D imaging including microfocus
  • Eddy Current including  Eddy Current Arrays
  • Pulsed Thermography
  • Laser Shearography
  • Robotic and automated inspection of complex geometries
  • Bespoke application software development
  • Composite inspection
We also  provide  independent  assessment  and verification  of   both  established  and   new  non-destructive  testing  and inspection techniques.

The Technology Centre uses a range of engineering technologies to provide a complete service in NDT, which may involve:

  • Technique development
  • Procedure preparation
  • Inspection validation
  • Site deployment
  • Training
  • Research & Consultancy
  • Business Solutions
  • NDT Facilities
  • Technical Information
  • Problem Solving
TWI Technology Centre (Wales)  participates in EU funded programmes, as well as leading group sponsored projects and consultancy projects for UK and overseas engineering companies in the aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation sectors.

We have managed and participated in many successful projects, here is information of just a few.  

ChipCheck - Development of Novel X-ray Inspection System for Fast Automated Detection of Counterfeit PCB Components

FlexiRiser Test - Development of novel ‘underwater’ digital radiography techniques, sensors and systems for the volumetric examination of offshore flexible risers and flow lines 

SafeRail – Development of Novel Inspection systems for Railway wheelsets

QuaLiTi - Development of New and Novel Quality Control System for the Inspection of Titanium Components in Safety Critical Applications in the Aerospace

HEDRad - Development of novel digital computed radiography technology using high energy radiation for the volumetric examination of large scale components

SHeMS - A lightweight structural health monitoring system

NozzleInspect - Autonomous Robot for Automated Inspection of Nozzle Welds

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For more information about the technologies and services available from TWI Wales, please get in touch with us.

TWI Technology Centre Wales
Harbourside Business Park
Harbourside Road
Port Talbot
SA13 1SB

Tel: + 44 (0)1639 873100