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Wavecontrol SMP2

3484056EMF worker safety monitoring and measuring – the easy way to assess

Wavecontrol’s hand-portable SMP2 is designed for monitoring EMF levels wherever people work:  It is particularly suited to welding environments and provides compliant measurements for the EU Directive 2013/35/EU.

Benefits of the SMP2:Wavecontrol SMP2

  1. Ideal for initial ad-hoc assessments.Easily discover hot-spots as you survey the workplace. Use snap-shot function to capture time, place and values in one simple button-press.
  2. Ideal for follow-up.The same device can be tripod-mounted and using the inbuilt menus allows a member of occupational health staff* to quickly and easily take a compliant measurement.
    *the person making the measurement must be a “Competent person”, so would typically require a day’s training on the SMP2 in order to become “competent”
  3. Included software provide easy reporting so that you can provide a meaningful audit-trail of assessments made

Free user-installable downloads to upgrade to new limits as they become available.

Member: Aspen Electronics Ltd

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