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3805924200w - 6kw CW Fiber Lasers

3805920QUBE products are available at the following powers: 500W, 1kW, 1.5kW, 3kW, 4.5kW and 6kW. The QUBE lasers require only electrical power and water connection, allowing quick configuration and interfacing to any one of a wide range of laser material processes. The lower power QUBE products (500W to 1.5kW) are available with multi-mode or single mode output fiber and are particularly well suited to optimising metal additive manufacturing processes and other high precision applications. 

High volume consumers of kilowatt class CW Industrial fiber lasers – typically machine builders, OEM integrators & robotic systems builders – can procure the performance and control advantages of the new generation QUBE lasers directly. However, SPI Lasers also provides a building block style OEM solution, termed PRISM products, under the redPOWER brand. This allows integrators the flexibility to procure and customise their needs, using only the fiber laser elements they need to create their dedicated laser machine tool.

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