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380778920W - 100W Pulsed Fiber Laser

redENERGY® G4 represents SPI’s range of pulsed Fiber Laser modules that use GTWave and PulseTune technologies. Operating in the nanosecond pulse duration regime these Lasers are widely used in diverse applications, offering unrivalled versatility and flexibility. 

3807792redENERGY® Lasers are all maintenance free, utilising ‘Fit & Forget’ technology, allowing customers to focus on output, rather than time consuming maintenance schedules. 

The current 4th generation product platform is the pinnacle of pulsed nanosecond technology, benefiting from an array of enhanced features for multiple applications as well as making ground breaking movements into micro-machining, moving SPI’s PulseTune enabled Lasers to a new level.

Designed to enhance the ease of OEM integration redENERGY® has been developed to benefit high volume manufacturing, where it yields unprecedented reliability and consistency.

Member: SPI Lasers 

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