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PTG POWERSTIR Custom FSW Machine Tools

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ptg-productPTG Powerstir is the ultimate solution provider where superior, high strength FSW jointing is required. PTG has over twenty years’ experience designing and manufacturing the highest quality machine tools on the market.

PTG has developed a standard range of FSW equipment to cover most applications. Where the FSW process requires a specialist configuration or arrangement to optimise a particular product the Powerstir team are able to offer completely bespoke machine designs. This equipment can be full turn-key with complete weld parameterisation and if required, full automation.

A recent example of this was the requirement from the automotive industry for a machine capable of welding flat aluminium extrusions together to form a “skateboard” architecture for battery placement in battery electric vehicles (BEV) and petrol hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). PTG rose to the challenge and developed their own Dual head FSW machine.

The Powerstir dual weld-head FSW machine provides even and stable welding using a matched dual-force control system and balanced upper and lower head welding parameters. The result is exceptionally stable friction stir welding by both the upper and lower weld heads. This helps minimises post-weld distortion and equips each welded assembly with a significantly improved flatness tolerance when compared to existing conventional single-side FSW techniques.

These machines can be provided as a turn-key solution with full automation.

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