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POLYCAR 30 - Open carriage-type welding head - Polysoude

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Polysoude logoPOLYCAR 30 AVC/OSC is a revolutionary open carriage-type welding head for virtually all weldable materials (including aluminium) with reduced radial clearance of tubes ranging from 32 to 168 mm in diameter.

  • excellent inert gas shielded arc weldingPOLYCAR 30
  • welding of aluminum using DC Helium
  • extreme compactness of isometrics
  • rapid assembly and dismantling ( in less than 1 minute )
  • user-friendliness (simplified handling and adjustment)
  • reproduction of all movements of a manual welder and completion of the weld in a series of Passes.

The carriage welding head is mounted on a guide ring adapted to the diameter of the tube to be welded. During the welding process, the welding head travels around the tube.

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