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Nitrode®, Z-Trode® and A-Trode®

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3356361Luvata is the world’s leading manufacturer of resistance welding electrodes.  High strength or light weight alloys, coated metals and varying metal thickness require a different electrode to ensure an optimal weld. Luvata offers a wide variety of electrodes with superior alloy composition, each specifically designed for predictable weld performance in adverse welding conditions.

3356365With Luvata’s exceptional service and technical support, Luvata helps customers choose the right cap - for the right job.  Luvata works with customers to eliminate spatter, which results in cost savings in personal protective equipment (PPE), reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption, less rework, increased production up-time and a safer and cleaner work environment.

Visit to learn about the add value with a Luvata weld.

Member: Luvata Welwyn Garden Ltd, Welwyn Garden City, UK

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