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pro-beam K 6000 - Electron Beam Welding Machine

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The K 6000 is the world's largest electron beam welding system for civilian use.

It was specially designed for the electron beam welding of very large and heavy components and features an internal generator attached to a robot arm. This allows it to machine even complex geometries in a precise manner. The system can weld components with dimensions up to 6 x 6 x 14 m in dimension with a maximum weight of 100 t and an evacuation time of under 35 minutes.

The K 6000 welding machine can be equipped with a wire feeder for repair and build-up welding.


pro-beam K 6000 – Electron Beam Welding Machine

Technical Data

  • Chamber volume: 700 m3
  • High voltage max: 80 kV
  • Beam power: 40 kW
  • Work space: 11,400 mm x 4,500 mm x 6,000 mm

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