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HISEC Hit-Stir Machine

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Hitachi Setsubi Engineering Co., Ltd logoOne dimension FSW machine

  • Table size: 485x560mm
  • Down force: 20kN

Two dimensions FSW machineHITEC Hit-Stir machine

  • Table size: 3000x4100mm
  • Down force: 25kN

Three dimensions FSW machine

  • Table size: 1900x900mm
  • Down force: 25kN

High Force FSW machine

  • Table size: 1400x2000mm
  • Down force: 100kN

High Rotation FSW machine

  • Table size: 600x400mm
  • Down force: 1kN
  • Rotation Speed: 3,000~30,000 rev/min

Swing FSW machine (Robotic Machine)

  • Down force: 5kN
  • Rotation Speed: 500~4500 rev/min
  • Swing Length: 15mm

Member: Hitachi Setsubi Engineering Co., Ltd

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