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FOOKE Friction Stir Welding Machines - FOOKE FSW 150


FOOKE FSW 150 is a machine tool system for the hybrid machining of large-volume aluminium alloy profiles. It is specifically designed for friction stir welding, high speed cutting and brushing of profiles used in the

 railway, aviation and shipbuilding industries. The high process forces generated during friction stir welding require a highly rigid machine structure. That’s the reason why the Friction-Stir Welding Machine FSW 150 is designed for very high loads with minimal deflections. The preferred application is the joining of thick plates and profiles with 2D contours.




  • Maximum axial force of up to 150 kN
  • Welding depth of up to 50 mm (6xxx)
  • Welding rate up to 3,000 mm/min
  • Feed rate up to 20 m/min
  • 5-axis simultaneous operation during FSW-Process
  • Load and temperature symmetrical construction
  • Position controlled process
  • Force controlled process

Member: FOOKE 

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