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EB and TIG Welding Services

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Electron Beam Processes 250Being a service provider in the fields of Electron Beam Welding and Precision TIG Welding, the types of products, which are processed at EBP Ltd's facility, vary immensely and in many instances are confidential to their client base.

Due EBP Ltd's extensive wealth of knowledge of their processes, product design advice is an area of growth. This service is offered 'free of charge' and will assist existing, new and potential clients with a good insight into the processing capabilities of Electron Beam Welding.

Please find below is a list of industries which utilise their core competence: -

  • Aerospace
  • Defence Oil and Sub Sea
  • Medical Formula 1
  • Specialist Motor-Sport Environmental
  • Instrumentation Semi Conductor
  • Space & Satellites

Member: Electron Beam Processes Ltd

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