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pro-beam diadur®DLC - Pro-beam Thin Film Technology

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DLC coating (diamond-like carbon) protects components and tools against wear using a diamond-like carbon layer. Especially where surfaces move against each other and friction occurs, it ensures durability and increases performance.

The diadur®DLC coating developed by pro-beam and field-proven for decades is based on a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly plasma process. The thermal stress is below 150 °C, which protects the components from loss of hardness and distortion. This special process makes it possible to coat metals and non-conductive materials such as ceramics.

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Pro-beam Services

  • Job coating: Single parts up to high volume
  • Dimensions: Coating of components with a length up to 1300 mm
  • Coating of various materials
    Dielectric materials: SiC, Al2O3, etc.
    Light metals, non-ferrous metals: Aluminum,
    Titanium, etc.
    All kinds of steel
  • Coating thickness 2 – 3 μm
  • Reproducible quality: Fully automated process control
  • 24 h coating service

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