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Talga Resources Ltd

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43044712 Richardson Street
West Perth
Western Australia

Company Profile

TALGA RESOURCES LTD is a vertically integrated technology minerals company that owns innovative technologies for the industrial scale production of micro-graphite, nano-carbon and graphene dispersions and powders for functionalisation into various applications. 

Areas of expertise include corrosion protection, powder metallurgy, advanced chemistry and dispersion into mixtures using additives of microcrystalline, 'nano' carbon and graphene.  In addition to manufacturing raw materials, we functionalise graphene and its derivatives for applications in the coatings, energy storage, building and composite sectors.

Bespoke micrographite, nano-platelets and graphene is available to industry partners on an as required basis.

Talga welcomes enquiries regarding collaboration and partnering.


  • Materials: Functionalised graphene
  • Materials: Functionalised graphene coatings 
  • Materials: Functionalised graphene composite resins and additives
  • Materials: Graphene
  • Materials: Graphite

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