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SPI Lasers

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38059186 Wellington Park
Tollbar Way, Hedge End
Southampton, SO30 2QU
United Kingdom

Company Profile

SPI Lasers is a leading manufacturer of Premium CW & Pulsed Fiber Lasers for marking, cutting, welding, drilling, micro-machining and additive manufacturing. Operations can be carried out faster and more accurately with an SPI Laser for better reliability, less waste and improved productivity.  Their product portfolio covers countless application processes, across a range of industries including automotive, electronics and medical.

Drawing on over 40 years expertise, SPI Lasers sells its products across the globe as well as providing sales, technical support, staff training and sample processing in our own specialist applications laboratories based in the UK, China, Korea and the USA.



  • Equipment: Cutting - Laser
  • Equipment: Laser - Fibre
  • Equipment: Surface Treatment

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