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Luvata Welwyn Garden Ltd

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3356361Centrapark, Bessemer Road
AL7 1HT, Welwyn Garden City,
United Kingdom

Company Profile

Luvata manufactures a wide variety of products including resistance welding electrodes, MIG and laser brazing wire, MIG contact tips, welding accessories and other formed parts for the automotive, welding, shipbuilding, construction, heavy equipment and electrical engineering industries. 

The Luvata difference can be found in our service, support and technical expertise in offering customized solutions that improve the individual needs of our customers’ production processes and end-product performance.

With sister facilities in the United States, China and Brazil, the performance and reputation of Luvata electrodes and welding accessories continues to grow as one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.



  • Consumables: Arc Welding
  • Consumables: Brazing
  • Equipment: Resistance Welding

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